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Which of these statements best describes the reason you visited this CAC?
Please select one.
I am current on my mortgage but worry I may begin missing payments
I have missed one or more mortgage payments
I wanted a status update on my loan modification request
I have been declined for a Making Home Affordable loan modification and wanted to discuss my options
I am seeking assistance on a non-mortgage Bank of America product(s) (such as a personal or small business credit card, auto loan, unsecured loan, boat, etc.)
Other - please specify

On a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being not satisfied at all, 3 somewhat satisfied
and 5 extremely satisfied, please rate the following:
Not at all satisfied      Somewhat satisfied      Extremely satisfied
Your overall satisfaction with Bank of America
a. Before visiting this CAC
b. After visiting this CAC
c. Your overall experience at this CAC
CAC Counselor          
a. Your overall experience with your counselor
b. How well the counselor listened to you and
    understood your personal situation
c. The counselor’s knowledge and ability to clearly
    explain your financial assistance options
d. How well the counselor explained your next
    steps after today’s CAC visit
CAC Appointment Process          
a. The helpfulness of the staff when scheduling
    your appointment
b. You were greeted promptly and politely when
    you arrived

What was the outcome of your visit to the CAC today? Please check all that apply.
I need to provide more documents to begin the process for a loan modification request
I began the process for a loan modification request
I learned I do not qualify for a loan modification and received information about other loan assistance options
I began the process for non-mortgage hardship programs for a product(s) such as a credit card, unsecured loan, auto, etc.
I learned that I do not qualify for any non-mortgage hardship programs

How likely are you to recommend a Customer Assistance Center to someone else?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not likely

How can Bank of America do a better job of telling customers about our Customer Assistance Centers?

What could Bank of America have done to improve your experience at this CAC?

Did we provide you with clear and complete information about the documents you needed to bring to your meeting today?
If not, how can we better communicate what documents customers need to bring?


Thank you for completing this survey. It is our pleasure to work with you.